Sep 2, 2017

Technology Masterpieces

Pathways is a program where you get to try out eight different classes over the two years at RIS. We go once a week and the classes are Minecraft, Culinary Arts, Design and Construction,  Health and Adolescence, Graphic Design, Coding, Music and Performance Media.

Check out some of our Masterpieces!

Aug 10, 2017

Last week, Jacob went to a squash tournament and represented our\school. He came 3rd overall and had some great games. Our class is very proud of him! 

Singing at Assembly

Having FUN and singing at Thursdays assembly. Our visiting Principal Dianne from Canada was very impressed and joined in the singing.

Jun 21, 2017

Speech Competition

Alicia and Maia represented our "Te Roro o te Rangi" Whanau in the school wide speech competition last Friday. They did an amazing speech and we were very proud of them and their efforts!!

Jun 15, 2017

Pink shirt day!

RIS had a "Pink shirt day" to promote the message of " help fight against bullying"
The Kahui Waha Korero (Class Councillors) organised this day with Whaea Trina and Matua Ben who are the school councillors.

Watch the "Amazing" presentation that Kerehi from our class made to show at the Pink shirt day celebration!!

Check out some photos of our class!

Jun 13, 2017

Mini Marathon

On Friday 5th May our class participated in the Rotorua mini marathon. There were 232 students from our school that participated which was a great effort.  In term 1 we had to prepare for the marathon so every student was given a passport where 40km had to be marked off before the race day.  Before we started running laps we needed to take our math class out onto the field. We measured the field using the 1 metre wheel tool so we knew where to put our markers as a reference point. To check the accuracy of the markers, some of us walked it with Mrs Sheehan using the GPS on her watch.  We also went onto Google maps to check distances that we had walked over the holidays.

On race day our class were very excited and pumped up ready to go! We started with stretches and a warm up so our muscles were relaxed. The race was 2.4 km starting at the Energy events centre. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was buzzing. Once the 2000 students who participated had crossed the finish line there was prize giving. We were lucky to have 3 names drawn out as spot prizes. Overall a fantastic day!

Come and check out some photos of Tr4 at the Mini - Marathon

Basketball Skills

At PE in the gym with Whaea Nic, she taught the class some basketball skills. We did dribbling, passing the ball correctly and some lay ups which is when you dribble the ball to the hoop, take two steps and try and hit the square to help your aim for the hoop.

In our class we have a few students who play basketball on a Wednesday night for the school.
Tutz and Conrad play for the "A" team and Fabian and Wi Te Tau play for the mixed team.

By Tutz

Chinese Game

Mrs Sheehan brought our class a set of "Jianzi's back from China which is also known as "Chinese Hacky sacks"

We each had a Jianzi so our class went out for fitness on the turf and had a go at kicking them by ourselves. It was hard trying to keep them in the air. When we finished practising our kicking skills, we got into groups where we passed the Jianzi to each other by kicking it into the air.
We all had a lot of fun and it was great to try something different.
By Noah

Check out our slideshow with a couple photos and videos!
Just to let you know, when you get to the video slides, pause it so
you can watch it okay!

Jun 11, 2017

Chinese Language

As an extra language class this year we are learning Chinese.  Ariana is on an exchange program from Beijing for one year to help students learn about the Chinese culture and speak Mandarin. We have Ariana in our class once a week for a 30-minute session.  We have already learnt to count to 1000, introduce our family members and ourselves. We really enjoy the songs that she teaches us and learning about life in China such as the different foods and traditions.

Mrs Sheehan has just returned from a 3-week scholarship at the Beijing Language and Culture University. She has come back very inspired and is going to teach us some of the traditions such as mask painting, paper cutting, calligraphy and a Tai Chi dance.

This term for our Inquiry learning we are looking at different Cultures where we will compare Chinese traditions to Maori traditions. After we have worked on that a few weeks, each student will get to choose a country that they would like to learn about and do their own study.  At the end of the term we plan to have a cultural feast of some of the different dishes from around the world.

Asyannah and Moana practising with the fans!

Marble Run

For Inquiry learning, we need to understand the Inquiry process using the solution fluency template called the 6D's.
In groups we were given a task to complete called "Ten Second Timer"

The Task:
We had to design and make a device that transports a marble diagonally from the top to the bottom of a cardboard square which measured 15cm by 15cm. The aim was to have the marble's journey take as close to 10 seconds as possible.

Cardboard to make square
Thin piece of card

The timer starts from when the marble is released and ends when the marble reaches the corner of the card.
The device must be freestanding and not supported by hand or leaning against another object.

We all had a lot of fun!

By Maia Harrison